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Anne-Céline Lejeune
Paris, France
Partner, ACL Partners

I had already taken a very theoretical training in Design Thinking but the Numa training is very experiential and allowed me to concretely implement Design Thinking and see the impressive results. In two days we succeeded in following the whole process of the user test, from the first prototyping to the presentation of a solution before a jury. I see today the concrete applications possible in my job of HR.

Siegfried Burgeot
Poitiers, France
Infolab Manager, CRIJ Poitou-Charentes

It was in a friendly atmosphere that we discussed the important notions of the places of innovation. Then we visit innovative venues and meet their managers and ecosystems. It was perfect !

Vincent Lenouvel
Nanterre, France
Head of innovation, SUEZ Consulting

The training I have taken at NUMA allows us to take a step back from our daily practice of innovation, and to confront the organizational methods, the means, the pitfalls and the solutions encountered or imagined by other practitioners coming from varied horizons.

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