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 Explore the Russian Innovation & Startups ecosystem.

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  • 2nd most skilled ecosystem worldwide
  • 200 Million people
  • 70,4% Internet penetration
  • 3rd (after China and Brazil) Online sales
  • Largest country in the World

Innovators, investors, entrepreneurs, accelerators, CXOs 


Discover Russia innovation ecosystem and its main stakeholders 

- Meet Russian IT success stories

- Understand the economic environment (e.g. Public initiatives for innovation)

- Meet innovators and influencers

- Understand the uniqueness of Russian innovation 

But also, discover startup projects selected specially for you according to your innovation focus. For exemple, Fintech or Retail. 


MOSCOW: NUMA - is a leading Russian innovation hub, combining an accelerator, open innovation center, community development platform and co-working

MOSCOW: Skolkovo - is a center of innovation launched in 2010. Skolkovo includes five "clusters" specializing in different areas: IT, Energy, Nuclear Technologies, Biomedicine and Space Technologies

KAZAN: Innopolis - aims to be the new IT-capital in Russia, based on high-tech Industry. Founded in 2015, the city gathers a 192 ha SEZ area, Technoparcs and plenty of other facilities for its residents. 

KAZAN: Innopolis University - first Russian IT University, cooperating with leading international universities. With 5000 students and 31 000m2 total area, it’s the new city’s intellectual center focused on IT and Robotic Science. 


Timofey Golovin - Innovation Manager @NUMA Moscow

Graduated from University of St. Andrews and St.-Petersburg State University, Timofey has large strategy, financial and innovation experiencein various companies - from large corporates to startups, as well as entrepreneurship experience from 2006. 

At present Timofey is responsible for Corporate services at NUMA Moscow and reading lectures and Moscow Polytech University.


Maxime Basset

Julien Nicolas - Acceleration Program Manager @NUMA Bengaluru

The very first employee of NUMA Moscow and the one, who responsible for managing acceleration program, Julien graduated from with Masters degree from ESCP Europe.



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Contact : Timofey Golovin, timofey.g@numa.co, Julien Nicolas, julien.n@numa.co